Thursday, October 25, 2007


It looks like ages to wait till old government exits and new one comes in. It is the PM who still believes that he is "the sole guarantor of stability in Latvia". Other members of the governing elite play their political games. Trade unions collect signatures for initating referendum for the constitutional amendment that would give the right for the 1/10 of the electorate to initate dissolution of the parliament. Other members of civil society and opposition parties prepare for the demonstartionin November 3.

There will be a new government. MP's opine about erudition of the Latvian constitution founding fathers, but they forget that at the time of writing Latvian constitution (prior 1921) 2/3 of Latvian population was pretty much traditional agricultural society. Significant changes too place ever since and I am therefore positively inclined that the required 10 000 signatures would be collected.

The list of persons who signed the appeal for rule of law and democracy in Latvia and who will be at the forefront in November 3, 2007 reveals that it is predominantly ethnic Latvian affair. Even though JL and SC cooperated as opposition in the parliament now they would not come up together in the demonstration, because among signatures I did not see main figures of SC (Nils Ušakovs, Sergejs Dolgopolovs, Jānis Urbanovičs) there. Thus, the demonstration would be a spiritually elating venue indeed, but it would be more of a letting steam off than constructively offering alternative to the possible government, that is fiercely put together among Latvia's ruling clans now.

Actually in this situation the bst option for the People's Party (TP) would be to offer Helēna Demakova as PM candidate. She would be the first female PM (a fancy fame for latvia in foreign media), and she does know languages. After all, she would be able to push the library, concert hall and museum of modern art through the parliament after all. Because she is a women several possibly extraordinary steps would be tolerated by her TP peers and she could act independently then and also start bullying Latvian transport supremo. Shall see and enough for today.


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